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Maxed level

by thegatorfan122

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Maxed level

Ok, so I've been at level 60 for about a week and a half now. That's the max level you can achieve  So now that I am at this max level all the xp that I get for rewards is just wasted. 

Leveling up was horrible this season  The rewards weren't even exciting. You get up to 90% more of specific resources and only on a very few events so that's not a very good reason to level up.

Anyway  back to my point. Wasted xp. I would like to suggest that guys who have played enough to get to that max level have the xp they earn convert to something else. Some other usable resource. 

I mean when I tier up in overdrive the only reward I get is a few hundred to a couple of thousand coins. So basically nothing.


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Re: Maxed level

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And you know what's crazy, they know about any and every complaint we have and had. It's all by design. Because if it's not, do you know how incompetent you'd have to be to not see any of this coming, not be able to correct most of it by now (5 months later) and to think this game was good enough to put out and is ok? I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt that they know what they're doing, but just choose greed and to jurk us around.

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Re: Maxed level

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And besides, what's else are we supposed to believe and think when we do ask them about a lot that goes on in this game to maybe gets some understanding and clarity on why what's happening happens, you can't get a peep out of any one of them anywhere.
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