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Madden overdrive keeps crashing

by darkdaniel69

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Re: Madden overdrive keeps crashing

Community Manager

Thank you. It sounds like some of these devices are on the borderline of being able to play. 

Can you try restarting your device then only launch the game, with no other active apps, and see if that has any effect?

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Re: Madden overdrive keeps crashing

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I have a moto Z2 play and the app crashes every time I try to play any games mode. Really disappointed in the new update.

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Re: Madden overdrive keeps crashing

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haha still blaming the gamers.

everyone is having the same issues.

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Re: Madden overdrive keeps crashing

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A few weeks ago, around the 20th or so of August, this problem finally went away for me and I was able to play Madden overdrive on my Moto G5 +. Since the update this morning on 9/5- the game is experiencing those same previous problems, game screen glitching followed by crashing. As of now, I cant play any game modes.

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Re: Madden overdrive keeps crashing

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The game (Overdrive) is broken, I believe. I can't play live events on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, and trying to play Overdrive is a joke. It crashes and glitches in ways I never imagined. I can't get out of Bronze III because it says that I disconnected from the game- constantly! I've tried cleaning the Overdrive cache before playing and closing other apps. That works for a couple of games, then back to crashing.

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Re: Madden overdrive keeps crashing

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I'm having the same problem with my Moto Z2 Play also.

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Re: Madden overdrive keeps crashing

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This just started after your f$!#ing Hall of Fame update. Keeps dropping during overdrive events,forcing losses. This is BS. Ive lost 19k in position, from elite to gold 2. Countless of the Hall of Fame bonuses per char per win. Fix your Damn app. App help Desk is useless. All you ever say is sorry your having issues. Useless Tier 1 help. Get someone to fix the issue that many have. 

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kept crashing plz fix

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On my Moto G5 Plus, Madden Overdrive keeps crashing.


It is happening for a week. Today, I was able to complete 3 Hall of Fame events which I thought it was fixed.


When I tried to do another HOF event, it crashed. Kept doing it on EVERY game mode. I made it on the Playcall screen but selected a play and it crashes.


I uninstalled and reinstalled for 6 times. Kept getting crashes and White Flash of Death.


I urge you release a patch this week. Or at least make some more settings.

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Re: Madden overdrive keeps crashing

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I have an iPhone XS Max and the games crashes every time I try to start it...will it be fixed?


With best regards

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Re: Madden overdrive keeps crashing

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I first posted my problem with Madden Overdrive at comment #15. One thing I did not mention is that, on the rare occasion when Overdrive loads for me and doesn't freeze up or disconnect, Overdrive disconnects for my opponent! So it's never a successful, satisfying event.


Since my original post, I linked my 3 teams, then successfully uninstalled and reinstalled the app. This shook loose almost 600 MB OF junk. For 24 hours MO worked well. Now it's back where I started. If I was not a long-time member of a league that I like, I'd be long gone.  I think EA launched the new app well before it was ready. Please roll it back!

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