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Ads are gone

by SleepingDragon

Original Post

Madden cash videos button not showing

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I been playing Madden since the beginning of time , but for the past 3 weeks or more I noticed that majority of the time the video button is not showing on my device, my app is up to date , my phone is up to date . I'm not sure if it's a glitch or bug , but without watching videos I have no other way of getting Madden cash ,, I want the cash so I get the 2000 toty tickets so I can get closer to the 97s..EA needs to fix this issue

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Ads are gone

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The ads doesn't show up on my iPhone XS Max anymore.  For the past week or so, it stop showing up.  Is there something broken or is this an isolated thing?  I know I'm still having problems with activating tactics.  But even ads now???  What else is broken???

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Re: Ads are gone

Community Manager

The video for Madden Cash is still available at the bottom of the main menu. It's a little small but it's there.

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Re: Ads are gone

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sir..I know where the video button is supposed to be, I look there every day. The video button is not there ! It's not there !

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Re: Ads are gone

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That's too funny. 

Stupid question bro, is it grayed out in your inbox too? Or is it not in the inbox at all? 

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Re: Ads are gone

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Inbox is greyed out 

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Re: Ads are gone

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Damn.. That was my only thought. There's a disconnect with your account somewhere. Have you went through the game to open a technical support ticket with EA help?
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Re: Ads are gone

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I already did that days ago ,,they told me they would refer my case to the tech team others in my league are experiencing the same problem

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Re: Ads are gone

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The best and only reasonable explanation for this is it's ea bruh. Nothing in this game works "how's it's supposed toos". It's the 11th wonder of the world how the people who work for ea rarely have all or any of the same problems we have who do not work for them. I mean because if they did, I would like to think they would be on top of it already without us having to say much or anything about it.
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