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Madden NFL Mobile (iphone) will not work with new update

by smellypig74

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Madden NFL Mobile (iphone) will not work with new update

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Hi EA Team,


I downloaded the new content update today (10/9/14) and now I can't access the game.  I have tried restarting the game and the phone several times, but the app just keeps loading the welcome screen (I have let it load for hours with no result).  I was level 26 and had over 200k coins, an 80-82 overall team, 30 NFL news items from week 5, 100 or so players, 10 or so silver trophies, and 7 or so gold trophies.  


Unfortunately, I did not link my account to facebook.   Will you guys release a new update soon?  Did anyone else have this problem (the welcome screen just keeps loading)?  Please help.


Thanks for your time.



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