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Lost my account!!!

by Willoughby8706

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Lost my account!!!

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I unlinked Facebook and was trying to link it to a new Facebook profile, and I got booted from the game. Now when I try to log in through Facebook, it says "unable to find any linked accounts"!!!! I've spent hundreds on this game to be told by customer service that they can't retrieve it???? I even have my UID.... 51682052


With the amount I've put into this game, I cant let this go. There should be a plan in place for the possibility of something like this happening.

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Re: Lost my account!!!

Another perfect example of why there should be a higher level of customer service.

That really blows brother. I hope some way somehow you get your account back.
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Re: Lost my account!!!

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From what they've told me it's just gone. No way to retrieve it...guess its wait til next season, at this point

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Re: Lost my account!!!

That's terrible bro. I have a hard time believing that your whole account just disappeared. Just because the incompetent EA help can't retrieve it doesn't mean it's lost forever. There has got to be someone who can get it back to you. We're just not allowed to talk to those people.
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Re: Lost my account!!!

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Yeah I feel like, as a business that makes so much off of us, they should always have a way to recover an account, no matter what. But they already have all the money I spent. Guess I'll just start fresh next season and stick to f2p...not giving them any of my money to be robbed like this. Its THEIR glitchy software that's to blame here, and they acknowledged that but there is "nothing that can be done"

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