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Live event glitch

by Humdinger504

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Live event glitch

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The objective for this particular live event is to complete passes in to the zones. There are no zones on the field to complete the passes in. Every time this happens I have to lose on purpose which, consequently, causes me to unnecessarily waste blitz tokens. This happens every now and again but, it has always happened. C'mon ea. 

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Smh. What are y'all doing at ea? Why are there always problems with this game?

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The live event is to complete the passes in the zones. As you can see, I did. Ea wouldn't be ea if, even though I clearly completed the live event, they wouldn't force me to do it all over again all the while sabotaging me by not even having the zones on the field for me to complete the passes in and the only way to complete it now is to lose (because how can I win with no zones on the field) and be forced to lose my blitz tokens. Smh. This particular issue is a reoccurring issue and I've made a post about this before. 

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Re: Live event glitch

Community Manager

What phone do you use? Does changing your graphics settings have any effect on the frequency of this happening? It looks like a rendering failure, especially if it's intermittent as you describe.

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