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League hopping

by thegatorfan122

Original Post

League hopping

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I would like to say my peace about this subject. 


There are a bunch of teams in the top 100 that hop between several highly ranked leagues. 


They will be in one league when they start an lvl, they will play their drives and then quit that league and join another one. Start the lvl there and play there drives then hop to another one.. And so on and so forth. Some teams do this with 5 or six leagues and 12 or 15 teams together do it at the same time.


Some people don't see an issue with this but I really do. For one thing EA awards rank based on a number of variables. One of which is average points per member. So if a league starts an lvl with say 22 members and they all play, score and then leave and then the league finishes with only 6 or 7 members then their average points per player is going to be way high giving them a better rank. 


Secondly these guys are the cream of the crop. They have overpowering teams and they are very skilled players. So several leagues are getting the benifit of these master players. 


It's like if Alabama plays a game. Then all of their star players go and play another game with LSU, then they go play with Georgia, then Florida and so forth.. That means several already good teams are getting the benifit of having a group of superstar players join their team for their game. 


A superstar baller should only be able to benifit his team and no others. It makes it difficult, nay impossible for a straight league to compete because they have to face the same superstars in every game they play. 


@EA_David I know this post got a little lengthy. I hope you read it to the end and understand where I am coming from. I can't keep my league in the top 100 because every time we get there we have to face the same dominant players in every league we face. 

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Re: League hopping

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I agree. Another thing I’d like to see EA do is expand player profiles. For example, if you get an application to join your league,the profile should show their playing history ie percentage of times participating in LvsL. As a league, we try to find “active” players to join. Problem is most of these player applying have been booted from other leagues for non participation.

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Re: League hopping

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Hell yeah. I would love to be able to see more information on applicants. That would be amazing.
I would also love it if the league description was front and center when applying to a league. As it is you can apply for membership without even having to view the description and most people don't read it before applying.
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Re: League hopping

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Interesting what people will do to "cheat" in the game.  It's just a game.  My league versus league question is why, as commissioner of a 12 team league where only 7 are active, I can't start a league versus league tournament unless I start a minimum of 8 players.  Am I missing something?

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Please stop these league hoppers from killing the lvl experience

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I'm seriously upset about these cream of the crop elite players playing lvl for multiple leagues  I should not have to face the same damn teams over and over again in different leagues. 

These hoppers are the top players with 2800+ power teams and they are extremely good. Only one league should be allowed to benifit from these teams. I mean Tom Brady only plays for 1 team.

Us straight up leagues who scratch and claw and battle as brothers are being put at a real disadvantage.

League hopping is so easy to fix. Please stop these guys from killing the lvl experience for the rest of us. 

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Re: League hopping

Community Manager

Thanks for pointing this out. We'll do our best to pass the feedback on league hopping up to the team to consider. I personally think it might be cool to get some bonus or incentive for league tenure to discourage hopping around. An expansion to the application process is interesting too. If there's anything else you want to add/remove from this feature keep the ideas coming and we'll make sure they get a good look at this post. 


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Re: League hopping

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I believe bringing back counter gameplans would help too. These top players would be more likely to stay in their league if they have the ability to live counter like the last couple of seasons. Just a thought.
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Re: League hopping

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Thanks for taking this seriously @EA_Blueberry
I believe it's an easy fix. Either make it to where a team isn't eligible to play in lvl for the first 24 hours in a new league, or make it so a teams points are forfeited if he leaves the league before the current lvl is over.
Thank you again for this acknowledgement blueberry
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Re: League hopping

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I REALLY HOPE ea takes all of these points into effect especially the expanding of player's profiles. We really need that. And for the league hoppers, if they hop to more than 3 different leagues within 30 days, lock them out of joining any league and league participation for 7 days.
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