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It's April and still the same old songs...

by Humdinger504

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It's April and still the same old songs...

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Network timeout after network timeout, crash after crash, my players are not looking for the ball 15-20 plus yards down field, my players stop running in the middle of their route, my blockers do NOT block and run right past defenders as if they have the ball and when I'm in the auction house new post don't pop up until they've been up for about 2-3 minutes already smh. Which by then, they've been bought already most of the time.

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Re: It's April and still the same old songs...

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They are no longer interested in making the game better for this season. Hopefully they are taking notes and building a better game for next year.
Hopefully they haven't run everybody off in the meantime.
I really believe the Easter event will lose them several players.
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