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Issue with a Daily Goals

by BiggaRell647

Original Post

Madden mobile daily goals

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I finished the last event on the checklist but it says I still haven’t completed all daily goals.
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Completed all Daily Goals but didn’t get credit??

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As you can see all daily goals are completed but “All Daily Goals”?? See in all picture at the daily objectives button has an alert of 1...
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Re: Madden mobile daily goals

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Me too
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Re: Daily Objectives do not all register for credit...

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Me too
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Re: Daily Objectives do not all register for credit...

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Same here, my Seize the day objective won't complete although i have completed all other daily goals. Second day in a row.

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Re: Daily Goals Not Updating

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I am currently having the same issue, and I’ve try several different things to fix it, but so far nothing has worked

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