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Here's what I found..

by Humdinger504

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Re: Here's what I found..

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Would be nice if EA gave a proper answer here. But I doubt they will ever going to respond to this post

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Re: Here's what I found..

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I'm certainly interested in hearing a response.


Because if what Mark is saying is true the EA is perpetrating fraud plain and simple. 


If I purchase a player who's attributes are clearly listed on the player card and the game is programmed to adjust those attributes during gameplay then that is fraud. I'm not getting what I paid for because the player is not always performing to the level he is advertised to perform.


By definition that is fraud. 

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Re: Here's what I found..

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That is a good analogy @Humdinger504

It's exactly like buying a race car with 1200 horsepower, but if you have raced really good for 5 races, or if you are racing guys with only 500 horsepower, then we are going to take away half of the horsepower that you paid for.


Does that make any sence? I go off the rails sometimes.
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Re: Here's what I found..

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If I don't hear a very good explanation on this, this might be it for me. I can't play a game if I know that every match is determined by an algorithm instead of my game play and my players.
I really feel duped out of the hundreds of dollars I've spent this year.
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Re: Here's what I found..

Community Manager

I interpret this to mean that matches are matchmade to try hit the winrate, not that the actual match is predetermined. 

He clarifies



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Re: Here's what I found..

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Nothing about this is clear. It's always muddled with confusing explanations and technical jargon that is difficult to understand.
What I want to know is there code built into the game that adjusts the ratings of my players under certain circumstances?
Take the predetermined part out of it.
Is there an algorithm in this game that changes the conditions of the gameplay to make it more difficult for me to win due to certain variables?
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Re: Here's what I found..

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What is winrate?

And what's the winrate? 50%?

I interpret winrate as the amount of matches you are to win vs to lose.


If the winrate is fixed,  then it's predetermined.


So matching my 1200 power to a 1800 gives me 50% chance to win?? How??


And how do you explain the weird stuff that happens during some matches? Mostly in a win streak. Talking about blockers won't block, receivers that can't catch, supersonic defenders and so on....


Please clarify further, very interesting this.


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Re: Here's what I found..

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That's exactly what I want to know.
I'm at 1946 power. Yesterday I played a game where my opponent was a 926 power. So I'm 1000 power higher with what is supposed to be a +5 overall advantage.

He beat me. 1200 something to 1000 something. I couldn't get a damn thing to go my way and his defense was always in the best position to make the play. I couldn't believe it.

And it's not like I'm a bad overdrive player. I'm consistently top 500 every season so it's not like I'm just not good. It boggles my mind.
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Re: Here's what I found..

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Well that was the first part of the thread so I don't know how that was to clarify something he didn't even type yet or maybe I'm missing something. But, I could see if we were playing on console or even just on defense too, but we're not and we don't. Wouldn't we have to be playing BOTH (OFFENSE AND DEFENSE) sides of the ball for it to be "totally" up to the players? But just for the sake of this conversation let's say that is the case. Why and how "all of a sudden" our 95+ ovr players are dropping everything including consecutive WIDE OPEN passes, our offensive linemen don't and can't block anyone(not even cb's), qb's under and over throw everything and start releasing slower than normal, etc? And to add insult to injury, what's the point of starting off 3-4+ ovr better than an od opponent and then getting a +3,4 or 5 ovr boost from the power and then all of that (what I just noted) happens and get steamrolled by 500+ points by them? How is the quality of our players gameplay completely changing for the worse if it's totally up to us? I can see if the passes were deflected, defenders beat and shed blocks etc but, that's not the case (but you can't say that the defense don't get boosted the way they pull the magic off they do). Our teams play completely different after a few wins in a row and nothing goes right all of a sudden. It can't be totally up to us when we're not even picking the plays on defense let alone playing defense. We hear one thing, but we're seeing, getting and playing a totally different game than from what y'all say. It doesn't add up that y'all say it's up to us, but then no matter what we do and how good our timing maybe, we just can't win and are forced to lose. I may not be the best player, but, I definitely take the time and put in the work and effort and buy players to "hone my craft" with this game so it's not that I don't know how to play or have a garbage or mediocre team. Something is just not right.
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Re: Here's what I found..

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It's almost like they're still counters in this game like how the defensive linemen all move in unison and only in certain situations when running the ball.
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