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Here's what I found..

by Humdinger504

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Here's what I found..

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Re: Here's what I found..

Community Manager

I interpret this to mean that matches are matchmade to try hit the winrate, not that the actual match is predetermined. 

He clarifies



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Re: Here's what I found..

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The second paragraph is what mark wrote answering the first one.
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Re: Here's what I found..

Wait? What exactly is he saying? Because I don't think I like the implications of that reply.
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Re: Here's what I found..

Who is Mark, because Mark seems to be saying that depending on certain variables the computer already decides who is going to win.
What are marks credentials?
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Re: Here's what I found..

@EA_David I would love to hear your take on what Mark is referring to.
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Re: Here's what I found..

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Predetermined outcomes 

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Re: Here's what I found..

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I think mark is a or the community manager.
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Re: Here's what I found..

What's the point of even playing if they are going to determine the winner based on an array of outside factors instead of just straight up fair head to head competition.
It might as well be a professional wrestling game if the outcome is going to be predetermined.
This whole thing makes me feel I'll.
Mark is pretty much telling us that it doesn't matter what you do, earn or spend, the computer is going to decide whether or not you should win or not.
Makes me sad and I honestly don't understand what all these match making, and gameplay algorithms are even necessary.
Don't mess with it and JUST LET US PLAY THE GAME without your interference.
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Re: Here's what I found..

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And the sad part about it is I was banned for two weeks for saying what mark posted himself in the muthead forum. Smh.
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Re: Here's what I found..

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What's the point of us spending money to buy packs, players and everything else to build our teams if it's not going to matter and make a difference? Like @rpluumy said "in real life this is called match fixing".
No matter how you look at it or cut it, it's wrong and worse because they didn't at least let us know because if they had just came out and said it, I wouldn't even be upset and would just go about things a little differently to adjust. You can't sell people something advertising it one way and we buy it solely because of that particular reason (ratings in this case) and then turn around and "adjust" the game and the players we paid for. That's like you buying a car because it has a Mercedes body but the seller doesn't tell you it's actually a Honda engine, transmission and interior.
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