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Hall of Fame x4 logo not given

by AzureBlue1996

Original Post

Hall of Fame x4 logo not given

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After each period of overdrive you receive a logo when you achieved to get in the Hall of Fame. Now, I already got 4 times in the Hall of Fame but only received the 3 times logo again (I already had it and I received it again) and not the 4 times logo. I had 199.000 fans at the end if I am not mistaken, so that should be high enough to receive it. I remember that there were some issues with fans a little bit earlier so maybe that was the problem why I didn't receive it. Anyone else who has this problem?

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Madden Overdrive HOF logo bug

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I was supposed to receive the “Hall Of Fame x2” logo for reaching the Hall Of Fame rank in the most recent Overdrive season. However, I received the wrong logo, I received the Hall Of Fame x1 logo, which I already have. I contacted EA customer service and they told me that reason I got the wrong logo was because of a bug. The customer service representative told me to post on the forum. So could someone at EA please assist me with this and get me the correct logo that I earned??

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Re: Hall of Fame x4 logo not given

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Same for me, I was supposed to receive the HOF x2 logo, I received the x1 logo I already have. Does EA plan to fix this?
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Re: Hall of Fame x4 logo not given

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I hope they do. I think that is only fair to us. And we are probably not the only ones where this problem occurred.

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Re: Madden Overdrive HOF logo bug

Community Manager

Hi @Matthew9242,

I moved your post from the Madden 19 board to the Madden Overdrive board. Regarding this, bug reports are always welcome here to track and report to the development team however to get this looked into for your account please reach our Live-Support team as soon as possible.


Here is how to get help from Live-Support by submitting a request via in-game:




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Re: Madden Overdrive HOF logo bug

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I had the same problem but with HOF x4 logo. I already sent a mail to the support but they said I had to ask it here first.

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Re: Madden Overdrive HOF logo bug

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I contacted EA Help and I was treated dismissively by the customer service representative, which I feel is unacceptable considering that I earned the logo. They said it was a bug, so can I ask when this is expected to be fixed? And when will I receive the logo? Again, it’s the Hall Of Fame x2 logo. 

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Re: Madden Overdrive HOF logo bug

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I used the link and ordered help but they also say they can't help me. It's really annoying that they are sending me from one place to another and always the same answer that they cannot help. I have already seen multiple complaints about this, so I hope they will fix it as soon as possible.

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Re: Madden Overdrive HOF logo bug

I'm sorry fellas. I've had this problem every time I try to get help from the support team.
They only send you here because they have no answers. But this is a dead end.
The staff for this board do not have the tools or the power to help you.
That is not a knock on them, they are good guys who want to help us, they just can't.
This forum is only good for posting issues we have for the game so they can note our problems and hope ea includes it in a future update.
But specific bugs and issues cannot be resolved here.
Sorry again
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Hall Of Fame Logo Not Given

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I recently reached hall of fame for the first time since 2015. I was aware that you recieve a logo that shows you achieved hall of fame. However I didn’t recieve the logo. I would like to know if there is any way that I can still recieve the logo without grinding for hall of fame once more. My IGN is Tide, Thank You for the Help!

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