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Re: Got me...

by EA_David

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Got me...

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Well been banned for speaking the truth so its took a week to drop the news. Overdrive is no longer installed on any device I own. See how long you guys will float with people so mad they can uninstall a game they have dropped $100s on. Good luck, maybe the AI will get a job and pay your bills.

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Re: Got me...

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What do you mean you've been banned?
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Re: Got me...

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What are you banned from? The forum? The game? I've noticed that it's been super quiet in here. I haven't seen a post from you or @Humdinger504 in a while.
@EA_David is that what happened? Have people been banned from the forum?
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Re: Got me...

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I was banned from the forum. Its all good. My ride with anything EA is over.

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Re: Got me...

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Dayum. Did they lift the ban? What was the reason? I wonder if @Humdinger504 was banned too?
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Re: Got me...

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Yeah the ban is from any posting/replying etc here. He may be banned. You would think instead of hiring people to censor feedback, they would hire someone to act upon it. Then maybe they wouldnt be losing customers...

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Re: Got me...

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Shame dude but if there’s no real tangible fix to the game by Christmas i’ll Be walking also.
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Re: Got me...

Community Manager

Hello all, we'll be closing this thread as Discussion of Moderation is against the rules here. It never goes anywhere productive.


If someone is suspended/banned it'll be because they broke rules/acted in an overly disruptive manner. If you believe a suspension/ban is unfair, you can appeal via the steps on this article:

As for other users, we can't comment on specific accounts statuses. Being critical is fine (and Humdinger certainly is) as long as things are kept productive (which I also think Humdinger does)

Thank you. 

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