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Re: Game wide rewards and awards

by thegatorfan122

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Game wide rewards and awards

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Ea it'll really be nice if y'all took into consideration having rewards and awards for things throughout the game like with the league achievements. Like for example, some of the most clever names for anything I've ever seen have been the names people come up with to name their leagues. Now (ALL of) the rewards/awards don't have to be monumental, but, let them at least be worth it. Now how would that work? I don't know. It is just an idea. And speaking of the achievements, nobody really works towardor care for those anymore. They're just something extra that's there and gets completed automatically simply because we already play/grind everyday anyway. There was once a time 2 seasons ago when we actively worked directly on which ever specific achievement we were closes to completing because they were worth it back then. 

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Re: Game wide rewards and awards

League achievement rewards and league level up rewards are next to useless. My league is close to level 400 and we still get the same old options. Improving those rewards as your league levels up into higher levels would be nice.
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