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Re: Please give an explanation

by Humdinger504

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Re: Please give an explanation

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Lmao... Considering you did that I should've NEVER been banned lol. But I don't blame you man. With all of the time, effort and money we put into this game I'd be SURPRISED if all that goes on didn't bother you. I know I get heated at times with this game and ea's customer service and rightfully so. I've been playing this game on mobile since it came out and the Madden franchise since 92 on Sega and then super Nintendo, PlayStation, Nintendo 64 (when it was Madden 64 because they had issues with the copyrights that year if I'm not mistaken), ps2-3 and 4, Xbox and Xbox1. Grant it they may not know that but, they do know a lot of us have been LOYAL fans, players and customers of this franchise since its inception and I feel like they couldn't care any less about that or the game with the way they handle things between us and the game, the bad experience we're having with this game, the lack of interactions between ea and us on social media and this forum, the way they don't really look into ALL issues and problems if there aren't enough people with the same problem (customs service says that all of the time), the way they've removed so much value from the packs (the games in general really) and hiked the prices up, the way their obvious greed is ruining this game, the way we have the same problems without them getting fixed when it affects us for an entire season, but, when it's a bug or glitch in our favor ea will have it rectified within minutes. And sadly, there's so much more. If I had a company and we were having a horrible season like this and my players, fans and customers were still hanging in there (good or bad), I'd be doing all I can to make it up to them and keep their spirits up. I've played toty everyday since it dropped. I've bought packs often and spent thousands upon thousands of tokens and on the exact same event in some cases, but never received one player from a pack or event. Not one. I've played a couple events 6-700 times in a row, consecutively, back to back non-stop without a break. It takes no less than 30 minutes opening up those packs so you know it takes a while playing the same event over and over and over so on and so forth. And not to mention all of the other times I've played that same even while playing other events too. Only to receive not one single player and maybe 5 or 6 emblems after playing the exact same event hundreds of times in a row. And they see nothing wrong with that. With all of that being said, we have earned the right to get upset.
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