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For the love of God....

by thegatorfan122

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For the love of God....

...... Please please please fix this problem with the quarterback not throwing the ball. It's happening more and more often it seems. 

I have guys in my league who I'm having to convince to not quit because of this pervasive problem. 

This has been an issue since day one. I know you guys have tried to fix it with the catch boost but that doesn't even matter if the screen doesn't register the tap when you are trying to pass.

It is happening on almost every single drive where at least one play the game won't register the tap to pass. 

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Re: For the love of God....

★★★ Apprentice

Heck, for me, itll register the tap, and still not throw the ball. I can tell because my phone vibrates when you tap the screen. Also when I am picking plays, I'll tap on one, itll light up, but wont accept the tap. Slows me down in overdrive when I have to hit the flip button 5 times before it will flip the play, and takes forever for the tactic to select. It lights up, so I know the game knows I tapped it. But if I even come close to accidentally tapping a madden cash button to spend, better believe itll register......smdh

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Re: For the love of God....

That just proves that it's not a user or a phone problem. It is something in the game not registering the tap from the screen. It's causing a lot of frustration in my league.
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