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Festivus Pack

by ViVa423

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Re: Festivus Pack

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I contacted support about this issue, they are asking me to ask you guys how you managed to get your diamond packs? Supporthave no idea what is going on. I’ve had enough of getting scammed so am requesting a refund from Apple. If any of you know how you managed to get a new pack please let me know.
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Re: Festivus Pack

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I bought 2 festiuis packs and didn't get my diamond uf player either 

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Re: Festivus Pack

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I had this problem as well however, my problem was not resolved and I still have not been compensated with the diamond player packs. My friend already has received his and he did not contact EA or anything, they just showed up on his account. I hope my problem can be resolved.

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Re: Festivus Pack

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I had just dropped $200 in the game because I thought that EA was going to be offering some bad a** promos! Well, they did but us guys did not get what we paid for! I bought one pack for $20 and then they offered x10 the festivus packs... I bought all 10 of them! (so 11 total I guess). I seem to ALWAYS get screwed over in this game, I do know why I still spend money on it. I guess I just love me some football!!!! But I also have two other complaints.


1) Bought x11 Festivus Packs and received wrongly advertized players.

2) UF just stopped abruptly... and guess what? You guess it! I spend LOTS of MC to try and finish that promo, I had 46,000 snowflakes left because I wasn't really able to play alot around xmas (I was on duty with Fire/Rescue, and when I was off I had my kids + family) so I was going to start grind right after xmas. Why then do you ask? Because the game told me that I had ONE WEEK LEFT to play UF. I spend thousands of Coins and Thousands of Blitz Coins to get those damn snow flakes!!!!! I saved up around 12,000 Blitz tokens for UF because I knew it was needed. Now they are gone, my coin bank is depleted and now we have a whole new promo that I am stuck scratching my head at. Sorry, moving on.

3) There was a glitch on the 1st day of the New Years Promo. And Guess what? I (a pretty big spender here at Ol'Madden OD) gets screwed again! I was on the Turnpike mitigating a nasty car accident ALL Morning. So, I log in and everyone in my clan is saying "Bro, you just missed it!!!!" Me: Missed what? Clan: "dude, we got like 50 elites and diamond players for free because of a glitch!"     

So, I get screwed again! I spend my hard earned money on Packs, this stuff and that stuff- because I LOVE THIS GAME, I really do, I would not stop playing because I enjoy it so much but here I am spending my hard hard hard earned money and other people (mostly freak'n kids who may spend money or probably not) are making out like BANDITS!!! They will all have MILLIONS of coins in their banks and the game; will for the rest of the season, be unbelievable easy for them! But not me. Screwed again...

4) In the Overdrive Blitz Tournament all of my "Solo Challenges dissapeared so now I will be earning Trophies at half speed... Ugh


I do not know what can really be done, but PLEASE fix the issues guys! I had spending my hard earned money while others just... Get Lucky... And then you can not even compete with them because they are now able to BUY Master Players and Beast out their teams while I am still sitting there grinding away for weeks... Sorry, I'll stop now. Thanks you for listening, if you guys actually do.


Thank you for Listening.



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Re: Festivus Pack

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Customer service is just repeating stamdard answers: Thank you for contacting us back.

“ I can relate to your concern and kindly request you to post this issue on the below link so that you may be assisted by our experts, please refer the link given below:”


Tired of waiting for equal, fair and respectful treatment by EA. EA simple has glitches in all promos during a limited time and a few take advantage of it. The balloons glitch in the NYE promo was the last one, some guys got a hige stack of balloons. No compensation for that as well.


Nevermind, I’ve had enough, patience is over. Complaimt and request for refund is already with Apple. One more paying player leaving the game. Good luck.


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Re: Festivus Pack

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I also have this problem i bought two of the packs and didnt get my promised UF diamond players. Please help how do i get my diamond players?

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Re: Festivus Pack

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This affected me also, I bought 3 Festivus packs and did not receive the diamond players. Can you please send mt the three Diamond  players I am supposed to get.  UID is 18101087

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Re: Festivus Pack

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I’d like to post on this thread to keep up to date with the progress of this solution ASAP whenever available, I purchased 3 packs :/
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Re: Festivus Pack

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Logged in this morning and still no compensation, EA you’re a complete farce and joke. You’ve ripped me off for the last time. I will be seeking legal advice tomorrow about this continual miss selling of goods.
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Re: Festivus Pack

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I got the same answer looks like I’m just outta luck again players in my league got credited but as always I can’t get an answer or things made right by EA

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