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Re: Festivus Pack

by acehighcooper

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Re: Festivus Pack

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They responded to my case by saying providing a false claim is serious offense, Don't waste your time with this crappy customer service, They'll take your money in a heartbeat but won't honor a purchase if they falsely advertised on the back of the description.  You wonder why EA has such a bad reputation this year compared to the previous 3 in the mobile community, They're really doing everything possible to push away anyone who actually plays there product by spending actually money on it. I'm done spending anymore money on this game until this issue is resolved. 

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Re: Festivus Pack

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Just got my get well package... gross.  See below.

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Re: Festivus Pack

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There reply to my previous email?  Seriously??

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Re: Festivus Pack

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Goes to show that they don’t care.


my time and money will be spent else where. 


Hopefully where i do spend this valuable time and money i’ll Be looked after rather than shafted at every possible turn.

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