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Re: Exchanging for Chocolate Helmets

by EA_David

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Exchanging for Chocolate Helmets

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I'm attempting trade for chocolate helmets for the Easter promo by trading in my gold trophies. I get the packs but the helmets never show up in my collectibles? Anyone else having this problem? I've attempted all the steps to reset the app essentially but nothing has put the items in my collectibles. 

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Re: Exchanging for Chocolate Helmets

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As of today you can no longer trade gold trophies for helmets or goal posts. You can trade in individual helmets and goal post for a set of 3 which is now auctionable. If it's still showing that yo can trade trophies you probably need to reset your device so it updates. 

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Re: Exchanging for Chocolate Helmets

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I'm not having that problem .The problem I'm having is ea stopped allowing us to trade in gold trophies for helmets and field goals completely. It's another example of the garbage way they run these promos  

To just up and change something like this in the middle of a promo without warning is absolutely wrong! 

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Re: Exchanging for Chocolate Helmets

Community Manager

@Stancil68 As others have mentioned, trading gold trophies for helmets won't be possible soon (or already if you hit the limit) but as for getting the collectibles themselves, you should have an exchangeable token to get the usable currency. 

You can find a little more info here:

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