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Easter Set Error

by EA_David

Original Post

Easter Set Error

Community Manager

Due to an internal error, there will be some changes made to two of the sets in the Easter program. The following changes will be made:

  • The “Chocolate Helmet Bag x1” set will have its requirements changed from “5 Gold Trophies” to “3 Chocolate Helmets”.
  • The “Marshmallow Field Goal Bag x1” set will have its requirements changed from “5 Gold Trophies” to “3 Marshmallow Field Goals”
  • We will be leaving the current sets up until tomorrow morning at 10:30 am ET and placing a purchase limit of 5 for each set. 

Why is this change being made?


During the design process, these sets were made to allow users to exchange extra currency for an auctionable item. The intent was a 1-1 exchange of currency so that users would not be stuck with excess currencies. Unfortunately, the error in the cost requirement was not caught prior to the deploy of the program. In order to align with the designed intent, we need to adjust the requirements for the sets going forward.

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Re: Easter Set Error

★★★★ Novice

I'm starting to wonder if EA is just straight up trolling me at this point.  


When the Easter Promo started I thought the +3 masters looked doable, especially with the $5 Lambo pack, so I spent the $5.  Then comes the "error" correction from EA, and you now need to get your Helmets and FGs from the Blitz Events or the AH.  Ok fine, mistakes happen.  Except there are none available in the AH and I just spent 8K BlitzTokens and ended up with 1(!) helmet...  Really?


Then a message pops up that limited old promo currency will be converted, but no future conversions due to "streamlining".  Ok, fine.  You want to do away with conversions to make sure people have to grind for BTs, thats cool too.  Then a message pops up that I got like 9K BlitzTokens for my left over heat from Ironclad promo.  Awesome.  That replaces what I spent trying to get get some kind of collectable from the blitz event.  And the last kick to the family jewels is that I dont actually get the 9K Blitz Tokens.  It didn't get credited and no voucher to exchange.


When I message EA for support, they told me "thank you for letting us know, but there is actually nothing we can do about it from customer support, but you should post it on the general message board, here is the link"


Im just at a loss for words at the moment

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Re: Easter Set Error

[ Edited ]
★★★★★ Guide

Ok @EA_David I appreciate the explanation however I don't buy it for a second.
Fact is that footballs come in every event and pack we open. Field goals and helmets are incredibly hard to get. I have enough footballs right now to make 20 baskets... That a helluva lot of leftover currency. So it's obvious that leftover currency really wasn't a concern with this issue.
I understand that you are just relaying this explanation from above, but I don't believe it for a minute.

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Re: Easter Set Error

★ Apprentice

Thus making it nearly impossible to get more than one master. Sets only pay out 2 field goals per day. 2 helmets per day. After that just get gold players from the events. Auction is selling them for 50k, but they last about .2 seconds. This change is ridiculous. I would understand if it was a timed payout, like the bunnies, but only getting them in these packs or by spending money is lame. Changing the rules after it starts when we thought we had a chance doesn’t make it too fair either.

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Re: Easter Set Error

★★★★★ Guide
Agreed. Once you make that blunder you just gotta take it and move on.
In my humble opinion it was purposely done. But then I'm a bit of a conspiracy theorists. 😉🤔
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Re: Easter Set Error

★★★★ Novice

The egg sets should payout our choice of either footballs, helmets or field goals and at a minimum there should be an explanation of what the sets do! We shouldn’t have to go to message boards to figure it out or ask among ourselves unless we have other issues! I’ve been playing this game from Season 1 and I could address lots of issues but haven’t cause it’s taken me 4 years to figure out how to get answers on here, but I’ll have a go at it now!


Go Gators! 

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Re: Easter Set Error

★★★★ Novice

Why wasn’t an explanation posted within the game to begin with? In most games within Overdrive there’s an explanation of the reasons behind the sets and the goals to achieve but lately there hasn’t been! You guys know the rules but we shouldn’t have to come on the boards to find it out, right? I mean you build the games...we play them and only want to understand the rules and goals within each game. I think that’s only fair and I’ve spent plenty of money to play your game! 

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Re: Easter Set Error

★★★★★ Guide
I agree man. There should be a breakdown in game of how these promos work. They don't provide enough information when the promo starts. And not everyone knows about this forum or other third party forums where they can find that information so they start slow and waste resources trying to figure out how it works.
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Re: Easter Set Error

★★★★★ Guide
Oh and GO GATORS 🏈🏈🏈🏈
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Re: Easter Set Error

★★★★ Guide
I've been saying ea is just trying to see how far they can go and what they can get away with before even us loyal fans who play out of habit and just genuine love for Madden give up on ea and Madden all together since the beginning of the season. There's no other explanation for how bad this season has been and their continuous actions like this. Not once have they given us "a break" our even just a "token of appreciation" for us sticking around and with them through this progressively worse season.
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