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Re: Overdrive frustrating

by siw0624

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Re: Overdrive rigged!

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Thanks, I tweaked the post. Hopefully that is better.

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Re: Overdrive rigged!

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Yea you should be good now.

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Re: Overdrive frustrating

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 And again, I get close to leveling up, and they like to show me who’s boss by making me lose 6 games in a row, each one with the same frustration of my 94 defense not stopping anything and my 95 offense not completing any passes and throwing 4 picks a game! Seems to always happen right when I get to level up spot, right on que, every time.

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Re: Overdrive frustrating

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This is ridiculous

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Dropped passes

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Can we please stop with all the dropped passes. I have a 100 ovr WR AND a 98ovr TE and I’ve never seen so many passes dropped. Ridiculous!!!!

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Re: Dropped passes

Community Manager

I merged a couple posts over to this one regarding dropped passes. If there are some specific player items you have that seem to be dropping a lot of passes for a specific play, please mention them below and we'll raise it up to the team to review.

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