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Re: Bug

by rogo40

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How can you go on this crazy losing streak where 2 days ago and many hours of playing, I I slid from the top 189 then slid to rank 4500 in 24hrs, it’s like the game hates me lol

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Re: Bug

There is this little thing EA has put in the game. It's an algorithm that puts teams at a disadvantage whenever they start winning too much. I've brought this up before and it never got acknowledged and I'm sure it never will. But it's true. It's disgusting and it's not even a little bit cool, but I guess they think it somehow makes things more fair for their lesser skilled players. Wouldn't want good paying teams getting frustrated and quitting.
It all comes down to EAs greed. And that is the single problem I take the most issue with. Glitches and bugs are going to happen. They suck but they are a part of life. It's their unadulterated greed that I hate the most.
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Re: Bug

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Thanks for some  clarification, so to understand?  I’m stuck in a downward  spiral cause I have the potential to win too many games and  and all the gains I  achieved are taken away. Smh  so you get punished for spending a little money they want you to spend.  Isn’t that called fraud ? The pic is day 2 of being punished. I had just over 300,000 fans 48 hours ago. Please explain this EA

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Re: Bug

I'm sorry buddy, but when it comes to this issue they will be silent. This is the single biggest problem I have with EA.
If I build a good team, whether by grinding or spending or both, and I'm a skilled player I should not be put at a disadvantage because I'm good. If I get beat I want to get beat because my opponent outplayed me, not because EA wants to keep things more "comptitive" by hamstringing my team.
This is one of the darker sides of Madden Overdrive. They installed it last season and it's still here.
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Re: Bug

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So, how does a rank #12 have 179 wins and 716,750 fans, and your boy has 171 wins and only 162,760 fans and slid to rank 6,230. WTF, I guess the only thing I can do is vent at this point. Just hate being punished for being a skilled player with a good team.  Please explain someone from EA. 

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