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Blitz tournament

by Pwj53

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Blitz tournament

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This new overdrive tournament, was put together really poorly. Yesterday the item said claim in the sets so I redeem them, only to find out that I lost 200 trophies in the crown and ended up with an Elite 2 when I should have had a diamond player. Looks like EA figured out their issue today by switching the button to trade in, but God forbid they actually take some accountability for their error and give back taken trophies/crowns  as there was no where in the information that it says I was exchanging at the time. And and absolutely do not have them give you a call from their support center. the four support representative said I spoke to had no idea what I was talking about, and I've never played the game. they also hung up on me when I was in the middle of asking the question

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Re: Blitz tournament

That's how customer support works bro. And now there new thing is to tell you it's possible that your issue is a bug and they will forward it to the game developers and they give you a Madden pack to go away.
It truly is terrible customer service.
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Re: Blitz tournament

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Yeah the Madden pack is a complete joke, like I really need some more gold and silver players. It's the equivalent of a gift wrapped *. Even better, was I bought something on the auction house, and never received it. After trying to contact them multiple times they told me that I had no purchases that day from the auction house and then never responded to me again. I purchased probably 20 cars from the auction house so that was a blatant lie by customer service. so it tells me that they are either incompetent, or EA just doesn't want to take any accountability for how crappy their coding is. I honestly don't think you can call whatever service I received from EA as customer support, it's literally the least professional company I've ever done business with


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Re: Blitz tournament

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It's not either or. It's definitely both. Judging from experience with them.
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