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Blitz Token Cap

by SyndicatE1424

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Blitz Token Cap

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29000 blitz tokens I'm screwed out of because of your stupid cap. 38000 tokens I should have gotten back, but because I already had 11000 tokens saved up, i got a whole 9000 out of 38000. WTF EA? 

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Re: Blitz Token Cap

Community Manager

Hi @SyndicatE1424


We'll pass along the feedback about a cap to the team for you, it's unfortunate to hear what happened. You are more than welcome to reach out to our Live-Support team for any missing currency claims to see if they'll be able to assist you with this. 

Click here to learn how to submit a request to Live-Support via in-game


I also edited the title of your post to better reflect the actual issue you experienced. Please take a moment to review the Rules and Guidelines of posting when you have a chance. 


  • Be accurate. Make sure the title of your thread matches what your post is about.

Rules & Guidelines:


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Re: Blitz Token Cap

★ Guide
And what are support going to do? I know they’l Send us right back here. We are sick to death of this running around asking for stuff that EA have done to us. This is about the last straw, that festivous pack had better be sorted by Friday or I am gone!
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Re: Blitz Token Cap

And round an round we go where we stop even they don't know... Or care
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Re: Blitz Token Cap

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I have the same issue - I lost at least 20K blitz tokens. I contacted EA Support - my case # is 45918036. They claimed it's a bug and there is nothing that can be done. I fail to see how converting UF items to blitz tokens without prior notification or removing the token cap is a "bug". Seems to me it's simply a bad decision. It also seems that sending players a pack containing blitz tokens with the "open later" option is in order. 

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Re: Blitz Token Cap

That's what Ive been talking about. Ea support has no clue how our game works. Everything is a "bug" even things like this that have absolutely nothing to do with a glitch. They prove my point over and over again.
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