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Black screen issue

by richigg

Original Post

Re: H2H Screen Blackout and Game Crash

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Yeah, I have lost 100,000 fans over the last 24 hours. No freaking way that happens if this game was actually working.
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Screen Going Blank During Overdrive

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Why on earth does the screen time out or go dark while playing the overdrive game. Absolutely ridiculous and frustrating.

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Black screen still a recurring issue!

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How has it been almost 2 weeks since my last post and this is still an issue?? EA, fix yo game!!

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EA- public service announcement; fix your game

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EA, seriously can you fix the black screen of doom, tactics not working, and 15 minute timer in new blitz tournament version before releasing new content? It’s frustrating!

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Re: EA- public service announcement; fix your game

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Black screen of death just happened to me as well, right as I was scoring a TD. Lost an attempt because of it. I'm sure EA will do absolutely nothing. Or maybe I'll get a sweet madden pack with 3 silver players WOOOOO

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Black screen issue

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What’s the timeline on fixing the black screen issue?

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