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Beware of

by jonesy-0092

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Re: Beware of

Yeah, I just got another request from him last night
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Re: Beware of

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Y'all need to put a stop to this ea. It's everyday, sometimes multiple times a day.

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Re: Beware of

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He's doing it as a way to advertise his website. If you enter the link into your URL, it's a coin selling site.

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Re: Beware of

Which is against the rules... This guy is advertising a coin selling website right under EAs nose. Ain't that sumtin?
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Re: Beware of

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Yep. Never said it was right, lol. But that's what he's doing. 

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Re: Beware of

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I can almost guarantee if you let him in the league, he just spams about coins for sale.
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Re: Beware of

Yep, you're probably very right. But he's never applied to my league. Just keeps wanting to be my friend. Well I don't want cheaters for friends. Lol
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