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Auction / Auction House

by SoFingAlpha

Original Post

Auction / Auction House

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Gentleman, this is what I’m dealing with. 


I’m certain that cards I try to auction are not appearing in the auction house.  I’ve frequently posted Reds at 10-20k less than the lowest of all offers.  I’ll repost this for days. Meanwhile, I’ll watch numerous bidding wars, on the exact card, that are 20k plus more than my “Buy Now” offer. This hasn’t been a few times, but dozens of attempts. 


Also, I know some players spam (buy up) the house for Bronze/Silver at 200 or less, then use to exchange for training points. So as a test, I posted numerous at: 100 open / 100 buy now. Not a single offer. I posted a few random golds at same offer. Nothing. Finally, I had friends (who play as well) monitor the house as I posted offers. None of them were able to see the offer posted. 


I understand there are 3 auction houses, and you’re placed into one of the 3, each time you enter. (I was just advised of this by online support, who couldn’t figure out the issue, and directed me here). However, the amount of efforts made, someone would’ve purchased, or at least recognized my postings. 


Anybody have any input, ideas or solutions in this matter?


I’m an auction/buy/build “my perfect” squad for each scheme, nerd.  I also don’t get to log all the man-hours playing like I used to.  Needless to say, I spend some cash in order to stay competitive. 


Any help is greatly appreciated 


Thanks fellas. 


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Re: Auction / Auction House

Damn bro. This is the first time Ive heard this one. Thats crazy.

As for auction houses, you are placed in the same one you were in last season and you are always in the same one each time you enter the house. There used to be a way to find out which of the 3 you are in but Im not sure how this year. But I have never heard of anyone not being able to post their players.

Hopefully @EA_David or @EA_Barry with know something
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Re: Auction / Auction House

Community Manager

@SoFingAlpha That certainly sounds strange. Can I check when this started/when you could last sell, if ever? 

What length of time are you using? If you use a 24h timer do things sell then? 


Thank you.


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Re: Auction / Auction House

[ Edited ]
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Thanks for the input bro. I wasn’t certain how the auction house was chosen, and if random or changed each time you entered. This is my first year playing Overdrive (iPad), but I’ve spent years & $1000s playing M.U.T. (PS3/4) so I’m no stranger to working the auction house. Head-scratcher. 

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Re: Auction / Auction House

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This started about 10-14 days ago. I’ve tried every possible avenue as far as: card/start bid/buy out/length of times. Maybe @ 100 attempts over past 4-5 days
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Re: Auction / Auction House

Community Manager

Can you save/sync the account then try swapping to a new/guest account and see if that can use the AH as normal? Hopefully a quick run through the starter objectives will give some cards to put up for cheap as a test.

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