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Ah bug or glitch

by Wes175248

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Ah bug or glitch

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Oh the morning of Jan 6th 2019 I was bidding on a diamond one rising star hb Barkley I had around 250k  I placed a bid on Barkley 180k  other started bidding and around the 200k mark I placed another and it said I didn't have enough to go 251k mind u I had around 250k when I started bidding  then when Barkley was sold i then realized my coins weren't returned i did all the usual  trouble shooting and nothing  my uid is 174547629  my account is WES175248  any help getting that back would be so appreciated  I know it's just a game and only 200k but bro it's hard out there in madden this year and   I really could use that back thank you for your help 

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Re: Ah bug or glitch

Community Manager

@Wes175248 Hey, we're aware of the AH issues, and we recently sent a bunch of folks their missing content.

Unfortunately it looks like not everyone who had issues over the weekend was gotten to yet, but that group hasn't been forgotten, and hopefully you shouldn't have to wait too long until the coins get sent back to you. . 

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Re: Ah bug or glitch

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Okay thank you
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Re: Ah bug or glitch

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Update I received my coins I lost in the ah on the 6th this morning tell everyone thanks so are u a real person people say u guys are just bots but thanks
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Re: Ah bug or glitch

[ Edited ]
Community Manager

I'm very real. Wink

Thanks for the update, it looks like everyone who was affected by the AH issue should be sorted out now.

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Re: Ah bug or glitch

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Nope... These guys are definitely not bots.. Roflmao
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Re: Ah bug or glitch

Community Manager

Definitely not bots. @EA_David is the realest person I know.


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