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Re: A clarification on League Aces

by EA_David

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Re: A clarification on League Aces

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@EA_David  Shocking!!  haha...  I commend you for the follow-up on this, although I doubt it's going to help.

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Re: A clarification on League Aces

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Right I know how this Ace thing works but as I posted on another form it’s still not crediting my total.


i had 122 brown strength tokens. Our league was just ranked up and I chose 2 brown strength tokens, this should take me to 124 correct? When I checked i’m Still on 122, so I went to the item exchange to see if the little blighters were hiding in there but there’s nothing.


This has been happening on and off for the entire season, I am not going mad I’ve checked this and kept a spreadsheet (Sad I know) to track this.


So my question is how is this fixed? 


Btw it’s not just ACE token this is happening too.

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Re: A clarification on League Aces

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@acehighcooper Did you happen to get any timestamps for when these tokens were claimed?

If we can prove that there's an issue here of course this is something we want to fix, and if you want to DM me any info you have on this I'd appreciate it.

Any time we've been able to take a deep dive there's been confusion over the system, or not enough info to prove it either way, but I'm not saying that this is definitely not happening. 


Thank you. 

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