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Re: 99 Easter promo QB Matt Ryan

by thegatorfan122

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99 Easter promo QB Matt Ryan

★★★ Apprentice

Is an interception throwing machine! I mean, wow! I am putting Dak back in and getting something else. I hate that I have to have Dak Prescott In there as my QB (skins fan) but Ryan throws ints all day. It's been months since I've been shutout on lvl, and 3 ints later, well, you get the picture. Be careful if hes the one you get. Glad these players still exchange for the baskets we spent on them.

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Re: 99 Easter promo QB Matt Ryan

★★★★★ Guide
I did get him but I haven't had him long. Been doing ok but I kept Dak in my back pocket just in case. If I don't like him I'll trade him for Adore
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