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93 Calvin Johnson not upgrading.

by shell_maine

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93 Calvin Johnson not upgrading.

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 I earned a 93 CJ from the Madden Feast promo and was ready to unlock it as I had earned all the balloons needed. When I went to exchange it, it would only offer 32k in TP. I didn't want the points, I wanted the upgrade.


I spoke to EA about 3 times about this. At first they were great and offered me a NY token to replace it and said it would allow me to unlock the promo.  I was on the phone with an EA advisor who told me to exchange the player and it would unlock the set. I told him I didn't want to lose the player if it didn't work. He assured me this is what the specialist had told him to advise me to do. So I did. CJ only exchanged for TP, it didn't unlock the set and the advisor disconnected the call.


I had to call back again and now I lost my 93 CJ who was at least better than what I have now! Like I mentioned I could have sold him in this promo rather than get all those TP. EA admitted it was a glitch and gave me a token but that token was worthless if CJ was still locked. I just wanted it unlocked so I could fulfill the set and then they told me to post here. 


I had replied on another post but thought I better post my own post as well to cover all my bases.


Thank  you.

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Re: 93 Calvin Johnson not upgrading.

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Re: 93 Calvin Johnson not upgrading.

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No reply or update EA?

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Re: 93 Calvin Johnson not upgrading.

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