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Re: ranked overdrive matches not showing up in game history

by thalastg

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ranked overdrive matches not showing up in game history

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@EA_David @EA_Barry @EA_Mai @EA_Eve @EA_Guy @EA_Mat  uhhm, whats happening with high ranked od matchups that are not shown in game history, like never ever? i aint a cospiration theorist per se but whats going on here? did these games even actually ever take place in your well thought out created microcosm? are these way way overjuiced bots, hackers, server glitches? i maybe wrong with my observation, no - actually i'm not, but it seems to look like that very high ovr opps tend to dont show up more often than 'normal' opps. is there some foul play going on, hmm? would be really a shame with such a great n balanced gamemode that everybody loves so much.


thx for reading and explaining

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Re: ranked overdrive matches not showing up in game history

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@EA_David @EA_Barry @EA_Mai @EA_Eve @EA_Guy @EA_Mat  and since you guys are very outspoken here and the responses in this thread tumble over each other that quick that i have a hard time to review and appreciate them all, i want to take the opportunity if we are all here assembled to ask politly if you guys plan to provide servercapacity that dont timeout me 10 times a day from lvl to overdrive matchups and everything in between. i had a friendly pm-correspondence with @EA_David about it a week ago or so where i provided everything i can to help to sort things out. it is not playable the way it is now.
guys, if one of the worldwide biggest telecommunication companies is blocking your datastream it has something to do with your coding or the way your app want to handle the datastream. if you guys just underprovide server-capacity for your own product it would be even more concerning from my pov. guys, your euroservers are not playable. maybe pitch that intel to someone in charge for that matter, hmm? thx.

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