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Re: phenoms banner unlock!?!?!

by thegatorfan122

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Re: phenoms banner unlock!?!?!

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@thegatorfan122 you're right but that's crap. what I'm taking from this is ea doesn't appreciate players who grind/spend early.
odd that ea wouldn't want to reward players that grind/spend early to encourage others.
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Re: phenoms banner unlock!?!?!

@Sp3w4567 I stopped trying to understand the minds of the EA decision makers. That's a trip to crazy town we might not come back from.
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Re: phenoms banner unlock!?!?!

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@thegatorfan122 for sure!!! sometimes it seems they hire a focus group to come up with the best solution then do the exact opposite
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Re: phenoms banner unlock!?!?!

@Sp3w4567 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
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Re: phenoms banner unlock!?!?!

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@Sp3w4567 update:::
good news, I finally got a good pull. pulled s Bates from the phenoms pack for 500 gems. when I pulled him the phenoms banner unlocked.
bad news, looks like banners are not retroactive and we don't get credit for all we have put into the game
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