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iOS/Android - Link or re-link to correct Facebook account

by EA_Barry

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iOS/Android - Link or re-link to correct Facebook account

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If it appears your game has been reset or you are currently linked to the wrong FB account then you can follow the steps below to unlink and then re-link to the correct FB account.


  1. Click settings in the upper right corner
  2. Click on the link button to Facebook
  3. On the next screen click the unlink button
  4. Click done
  5. Click log out which logs you out of all accounts
  6. Click confirm log out
  7. This takes you back to the main screen
  8. Click  tap to play
  9. On the Right side there should be a list of 1-3 accounts that you may have logged into
  10. Click the account that has the correct game
  11. Click the settings Icon an click link the Account again.
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