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Re: game still crashes!?!?!

by Sp3w4567

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game still crashes!?!?!

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game still crashes often in all game modes.

It's annoying in events but at least you can resume those.

It's a real pain to lose a L vs L drive when the app crashes before I can even return the kick off.  losing fans and rewards in overdrive cuz the app crashes just sucks.


the game is much better this year, please address the crashing issue

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Re: game still crashes!?!?!

Community Manager

@Sp3w4567 Hey, if you're getting instability, it may help a bit to restart your device before playing. 

You may want to try turning down your Visual Quality in Settings > Preferences > Visual, and see if that helps at all. 

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Re: game still crashes!?!?!

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thanks for the response. I have done everything possible on my end to correct this. all other app and games work as they should. same as last year and every year before that this is on EAs end

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