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Re: awr stat on offensive players

by gijohn0612

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awr stat on offensive players

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I want to know what the functionality of the awareness stat is on offensive players, in particular for wide receivers. it seems to have some relation to them catching the ball, but there's also a catching it's very unclear how and when the awr stat affects gameplay. this is important, in choosing which players to use, especially when saving up a lot of money to buy an elite receiver.

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Re: awr stat on offensive players

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This is just pure observation and I maybe wrong. Aside from catching and jumping, I consider AWR when choosing which WR/TE to get. I don't know if you notice it that there are times that a small window appears to calculate the success of a catch based on the AWR of the catcher (AGI too). I also observed how WR/TE separates with their defenders depending on their AWR. Lastly when you execute a passing play, the catcher title over blinks often when it has a higher AWR stats.

Things to ponder, the ULTI Sheman NFL Dominatiom reward has a +5 AWR to all playere in your lineup.
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