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Would love Overdrive auction to add this!

by siw0624

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Would love Overdrive auction to add this!

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I would love to see madden offer the format like eBay where it is buy it now or best offer. Some people overprice their auction by a lot and it would be nice if we had the option to offer a realistic price, especially when the timer is getting low and there are no offers.

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Re: Would love Overdrive auction to add this!

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Well that's what the bid now is for. Albeit, some may be a little pricey, they (ea) still can't go in and essentially, "force" players to sell their players and items for less than what they want to simply because a lot of times people buy these things outright and well, quite frankly, it's theirs to sell for whatever they want to. And besides, ea already have their hands working the auction house like puppeteers anyway. That'll just be too much overreach. This is from someone who never uses or have used eBay and just my humble opinion. But, for the record, I for one would be pretty upset if ea was to sell my player for anything less than I posted it for, especially if I had spent real money to obtain and or got it for the sole purpose of selling it to make done m some coins.

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Re: Would love Overdrive auction to add this!

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Wasn’t saying it would force them to sell, just would allow for an offer. They would still have the power to stick to their price or not. I know that I have overpriced players a couple times and then had to delist and wait four more hours. Not advocating for forcing anything, just having more options, like eBay.



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Re: Would love Overdrive auction to add this!

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Oooh ok. I'm glad you explained that to me. I'm not familiar with eBay because I don't use it. I would not be opposed to that at all because I definitely don't like having to wait 4 whole hours, especially, if there's a move I'm trying to make quickly.
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