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Wont let me throw


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Wont let me throw

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I cant throw a bullet pass and when it does let me pass i have to press multiple times it might be a glitch please help

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Madden NFL Overdrive game glitch

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Cant throw a bullet pass and takes multiple taps to even throw please help

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Re: Madden NFL Overdrive game glitch

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How do I pass the ball?
After choosing a passing play from play call you can use the analog stick move your QB around the pocket but to perform a lob pass you tap the desired receivers icon, and if you would like to throw a bullet pass you tap and hold the receivers icon.

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Re: Madden NFL Overdrive game glitch

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I know how to play i played last season but the game itself wont work right somethings wrong it wont throw when i hold it and i have to tap multiple times to even lob

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Re: Madden NFL Overdrive game glitch

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This is definately a problem and it keeps getting worse. When you go to throw to a reciever sometimes the quarterback doesn't release the ball at all. Sometimes it's delayed, or sometimes you just have to spam the button to get it to throw. Makes hitting timing routes very hard. It doesn't happen every play but it happens way more than it should. It's resulted in me throwing picks, getting sacked, and basically made it impossible to be competative in overdrive. If overdrive is supposed to be the major integral part of the game it should work right. I gave up on trying to hit hall of fame in the season that ended this morning because of this issue. We got the joystick issue fixed and now this. 

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Re: Madden NFL Overdrive game glitch

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Yea it sucks been running the ball alot

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Re: Wont let me throw

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same here. would be nice if ea fixed issues with h2h

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Re: Wont let me throw

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Same thing happend to me today what's up ea

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Re: Madden NFL Overdrive game glitch

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Lol, this is how they predetermine outcomes. It's based on your performance in recent previous matches. So if you are on a winning streak, and your opponent has lost a few matches, itll implement the no pass glitch, wr dropsies on wide open plays in order to get the outcome that the rating systems says needs to happen.It's been well documented b y the community as to the timing of these "glitches". 

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