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Why Cant My Overdrive Captain get Over 93/94 but others are at 99?

by RogerMcslide

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Why Cant My Overdrive Captain get Over 93/94 but others are at 99?

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  1. Since Madden did it's 1st major update the Overdrive has been acting very weird and I have complained many times but nothing has been done to fix. But why are all my Overdrive Captains stuck at 93 and 94 while my opponents captain's are at 99. I have had nearly 2 million orange captain coins and spent getting every Overdrive Captain I have available to 94. Still it says I need a Blue Captain flag to advance my player. Why is everyone else at 99? What must I do? I can't imagine I have to do something that I haven't done. But this game has robbed and cheated me so much... it is very discouraging. So far all that I have read is a cakewalk subject to the many ways this game has robbed me. It doesnt give me players I've earned. It takes control of me running and runs my players into defenders in the open field. When the computers A.I. can't suppress me it freezes mid Overdrive matches saying "Waiting for Opponent" while my opponent is scoring and catching up on me. It freezes with 50 seconds left in a match and then kicks me from the game then says I forfeited the match. Something is wrong with how the handicap is attacking my profile and it isn't normal. It doesnt happen to other people in my league. And Madden won't fix. In any event, please tell me how to get my Overdrive captains to 99. I'm trying to cut down on how this game constantly Handicaps and robs me. For instance, every other play is a impossible challenge to give my opponent obnoxious amounts of points while it is completely the opposite from what my objective is. For instance it will always make me have to run on 4th downs or touchdowns when my captain bonuses are to pass. That way every time I pass and get a bonus my opponent gets more points than me. My opponents get almost 500 points in Captian Bonuses and I get 40points. But as mentioned how do I get my Overdrive guys to 99 for now?
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