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What's with all the fumbles?

by thegatorfan122

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Re: What's with all the fumbles?

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I feel your pain thegatorfan122 . I have lost so many quality players in both of my leagues the last few weeks. Eventually It will be just you and I left lol. I am not sure that EA cares. I will be abandoning 1 of my leagues and moving the few players left over to the other one soon. It’s sad. The amount of effort I have put into this game over the years is dissapearing before my eyes and there is nothing I can do about it.

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Re: What's with all the fumbles?

The sad part is that they have the foundation for an amazing game. They just have to fine tune some stuff and we are humans so we're impatient by nature. Especially in this world of instant gratification.
I just hope they fix it fast enough. Before it's too late.
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Re: What's with all the fumbles?

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EA is a billion dollar company.... they should be able to fix it yesterday, but they don't. Why?


Maybe it's a new sort of balancing


But seriously... I logged in yesterday and almost my whole league quit....


EA you are losing your player base...


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Re: What's with all the fumbles?

Their customers are losing faith and confidence in them. Quickly
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Re: What's with all the fumbles?

I think I may have discovered part of the fumbling problem.
I think the AI defense is executing way too many "big hits"
It seems like every time I catch a ball and every other time I'm running the ball the defender smacks me with a big hit. Big hit are designed to cause fumbles easier.
So maybe back off the big hit percentage of the ai defense and we might be able to get through 2 whole drives without fumbling.
Maybe I'm wrong, but play attention when you guys are playing and see how many times you get rocked with a big hit.
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