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What do we need to do for y'all to fix it ea?

by Humdinger504

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What do we need to do for y'all to fix it ea?

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The entire football season has came and went, super bowl and all, and yet here we are in February still not having all of our progression towards the captain bonus not being counted, registered or acknowledged. I've lost soooo many games because of it. Smh. Now let it would have been some type of glitch or something in our favor like a live event for master players costing only 250 coins to play and rewarding not only 100 coins, but, also a chance at a master player with each win, they would've had that fixed, rectified, corrected and everything else within 24hrs, if that. Are y'all even working on it ea? This particular issue has been going on since the beginning of the season. Literally. And not mention how now all of a sudden even with a full overdrive meter, you can't select none of the tactics, which proves to be costly when it's a close game. And how the game is unresponsive when tapping a player's icon to throw to him, which 90% of the time results in a sack or interception. 

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