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West coast players get vindication!!

by thegatorfan122

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West coast players get vindication!!

So when the triplets came out there were a lot of butt hurt west coast players. There were wc teams whining and crying on every platform because they felt like they weren't being treated fairly. 

Well, I guess EA heard their cries and sympathiesed with thier plight. They created the player selection for most Feared. 

What they should have called it MOST West Coast. 

The following screenshot is of the MF player releases followed by the vertical player release.

Now I obviously run vertical, and I'm not trying to be a crybaby, but does this look remotely fair? 

Screenshot_20191027-114609_Madden NFL.jpg
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Re: West coast players get vindication!!

@thegatorfan122 I just noticed that one of the pumpkin players is a vertical center, so at least we got that.
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