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Re: Update October 3rd

by midnite001715

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Re: Update October 3rd

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Still garbage, 2 weeks and same problems with the passing game, so glad u take care of customers, EA is as good as overdrive/passing game is which is straight garbage and the way they treat the people who play. Keep your trash overdrive and I'll keep my money and keep sh1tt1^g on people and they'll keep theirs too
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Re: Update October 3rd

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How are they listening if your still having issues, I've been having issues with throwing incompletions and interceptions for 2 weeks they don't respond to my concerns, they say stuff make changes to limit plays but don't take care of the real problem

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Re: Update October 3rd

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Here is something to show on how the update can really do. And this isn't a positive post. If I am getting a 4+ or 5+ overall boost for my ENTIRE TEAM, this score should not have happened.

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