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Re: Update October 3rd

by midnite001715

Original Post

Update October 3rd

Community Manager

Hi Everyone,


So there will be a new client update coming soon (possibly today, pending app store approval). We will have various new features and fixes incorporated in the update. Here's a preview of what will be included:


  • Pass icon hitbox area reduced

  • Analog stick must be closer to the tap location than pass icon location for analog stick to take priority and vice versa

  • Player balance has been adjusted for more infrequent ball-carrier stumbles. We also added a swipe mechanic to recover while stumbling.

  • iPhone XS/XS Max functionality fix


  • We are rolling out limits to the number of times you can call the same play to combat spamming in Overdrive and LvL. We designed this in a way that we can easily tune the limits if needed. Initially it will be:

    • Silver Division- 4

    • Gold/Elite/HoF - 3

    • League vs. League - 2
      Side note: this functionality is not tied to the client update so it may not roll out at the exact same time as the other fixes/features, but it will be very soon.

  • New social system that will allow you to add friends and challenge them to unranked Overdrive matches

  • Updated Profile Screen with your Madden Overdrive career stats & enhanced visual customization.

  • Unlock all-new customizable banners

  • Complete tiered in-game objectives called "Feats"



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Re: Update October 3rd

Best update to date. Thanks EA!
I know there are still bugs, glitches and issues but at least this tells me EA is listening. Makes me feel a whole lot better about the game.
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Re: Update October 3rd

★★★★ Newbie

Hi my in game name is bumrush3 I am one of the people who downloaded the update and could not log into game since.  I get this screen 

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Re: Update October 3rd

★★★★ Novice
Doesn't help with about a 75% incompletions and interceptions ratio in overdrive, league, events like season go up against less power teams 200 300 points less and get whooped by 1000 points, what's the point of power points
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Re: Update October 3rd

★★★★★ Apprentice
Passing is terrible in this game. Make the AI the speed the defenders are supposed to be, instead of boosting them unproportionally and quit REGULATING scoring
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Re: Update October 3rd

★★★★ Novice

You guys cant fix the passing issue or what getting real tired of the same bs incompletions and interceptions constantly, and i can run only so many times because of that bs update, so if I cant pass and cant run how the hell do you win, this bs has been going on for easily a week, overdrive, league, events, 9 times to beat the passing FB event because read above

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Re: Update October 3rd

★★★★ Novice

Alright EA 4 damn passes 2 picks 2 incompletions back to back to back to back against a less power opponent would you fix the damn issue already limit plays doesn't help

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Re: Update October 3rd

★★★★★ Apprentice

Way to "crack down" EA! Rushing is blitzed on every play in lvl and passing is a friggin joke. The AI will have so much fun! I wish you would make a game to be fun for the HUMAN PLAYERS! Now top tiered rbs are fumbling running a straight path? How in the * do we any control over this? How's it a game if you take out the skill of the players out of it? What a crock?!

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Re: Update October 3rd

★★★ Newbie

Yeah I came here to say the same thing how in the world is a 82 CB faster than. A 93 ovr Hopkins? Why are they intercepting the ball outside the end zone and running back into the end zone for a touchback? Why is it I have a +4 boost but since they’re ranked lower they win? I don’t understand the logic of team power if it doesn’t do anything we spend our tp leveling up players for no reason?

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Re: Update October 3rd

★★★ Newbie

And you mentioned that players would be able to advance easier in OD if they have better teams and I’m still hanging around gold 2 and gold 3 promoted and demoted back and forth! WTF

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