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Update + No Stream Tomorrow :(

by EA_Messina

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Update + No Stream Tomorrow :(

EA Community Manager

Hey Madden Mobile Forums!

Unfortunately, we are moving our streaming location so we are down tomorrow. We will return next week with a couple of live streams discussing the new FoF promo and normal weekly programs. I hope everyone tunes in!!

If you haven't already, please fill out this survey: I know you don't believe it, but I do take your feedback very seriously and want to make content more in line with what you want to see! Any feedback is greatly appreciated. 

Feedback Friday will return tomorrow with another survey about things that frustrate you the most. Please keep your eyes out for that tomorrow afternoon.


A few quick PSAs about current issues: 


1) ToTW Pack fixes are coming, hopefully before the weekend. A lot of people were affected so we need to compile all the data and distribute the make-good properly.  
2) Google/Pixel Issues have been prioritized, assigned and are being repro'd. Hoping to have something ASAP
3) Prioritized issue for users who are unable to complete Daily Goals

4) 28.1 has been approved by Apple in regards to IOS crashing/linking. Submission should be very soon, waiting on time/date. 
5) Kickoff/FoF Season/Gauntlet rewards and Team Hero players are being looked into and addressed


I will address some other things next week and update you on these issues as soon as i know.



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