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Re: Unable to access account on new phone

by EA_Blueberry

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Unable to access account on new phone

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A few months back I made a guest account on my phone.  After 3 months of constantly playing Overdrive, and spending close to $500 I quickly got my team up to a 92 overall.  A week ago my phone broke.  When I got my new phone and opened Overdrive, I can no longer access my guest account. When I made my guest account there was nothing that said “hey, don’t make a guest account because when you get a new phone all your game progress will be lost”.  I even tried syncing my guest account to my Facebook before my phone broke, but was unable to do it.  Once you make a guest account you’re locked in. Why would I spend so much time and money building up my team only to lose everything as soon as I get a new phone? People get new phones and upgrade all the time, why is such a big gaming company like EA so far behind on user accessibility? I have my UID#, I have all my Overdrive receipts from apple in my email, the game is connected to my Apple ID for purchases, so how is it possible that I cannot access my account? I spoke with EA Madden Overdrive customer support, they told me that there was going to be an update that would allow me to get my team back. However they did not know when the update would occur. I find the whole thing absolutely upsurd.  Users should be able to sign in with their UID#.  If it really is impossible to access my team, why haven’t they offered me compensation comparable to what was lost/stolen from me? What’s the big deal to EA if they have to cough up madden cash or players? This issue needs to be fixed immediately because I’m sure I’m not the only user this has happened to. 

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Re: Unable to access account on new phone

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Hi, @voyagra 


If you play on a Guest account the progress is stored to the device and not a server such as when you link it up to Facebook or Google/Apple accounts. You can locate your User ID by going to the settings menu within Madden Overdrive and see it in the top right corner. The User ID will be different on your new device though, so you would have needed to write down your User ID from your previous device you played on or log back into the game on that device (which you no longer can given your situation). 

It's extremely unfortunate to hear what happened and our hearts go out to all players in a situation like this. If you do have all your receipts for your purchases I do encourage contacting our Live-Support team again and discuss this with an EA Advisor to see what your options are, however I cannot guarantee any restorations will be provided.


Click here to speak with Live-Support


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