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Re: No H2H rewards granted for Madden Mobile 18

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Re: No Cushing Contact us refuses to help

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Still no help from the contact team and still no answer that works to receive the missing player.

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Re: No Cushing Contact us refuses to help

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Count me amongst those that had points reset and received no Cushing. In fact, at least ten others from my league are all in the same boat. Personally, I had ~98 points and was comfortably in the top 2%. I know that people who scored fewer points after the reset received Cushing.
I’ve read many forum posts of those who have tried to contact EA and not one has been successful. All get the same run around saying that rewards have already gone out and we all got compensation.

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Re: No Cushing Contact us refuses to help

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"I would like to inform you that please once Force close the Madden and restart it."


Yeah, we're never getting Cushing.


Not that it's about Cushing at this point. It's about EA delivering on promises and being fair when they fail.

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Re: Did not receive Cushing after tournament reset

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Did you get any reply, I've had the same problem but EA is just telling me to post here. I did all the instructions asked of in emails but they're saying nothing.
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Have not received MLB Cushing from last weeks Tourney

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Last weekend I was in the top 1 percent as I wanted to ensure I received MLB Cushing.  I understand that their were some technical issues as my score was erased and set back to zero.


I went ahead and purchased additional tickets (50USD per tourney ticket) and played additional matches.  I assumed the issue would be fixed but as of today I have yet to receive MLB Cushing.


EA Customer support stated that the issue had been resolved and players who had issues ( in my case score was reset to zero compared to some of my fellow teammates) received MLB Cushing on Monday.  I have yet to receive MLB Cushing.


EA customer stated I needed to report issue in this format.  Kindly requesting assistance with this issue.





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No H2H rewards granted for Madden Mobile 18

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I did not receive my 500 madden cash for making it into the top 10% last month.
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Tournament reset and Brian Cushing

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I have not received my Brian Cushing for top %5 in the tournament and was directed to post on here about receiving it.
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I want a REFUND

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I've spent 3 weeks going in circles between EA Help, who are EXTREMELY limited with the help they can provide, and this forum, where EA has failed to even respond to their mishaps. I spent $20 To be able to win Cushing, and your score reset (aka YOUR mistake, not mine) cost me my elite THAT I EARNED. The very NEXT weekend, I won 15 games and ended in the top 5% with 176pts. There's plenty of posts in forums of players that received Hunter Henry while A) scoring less pts than me, and (rarely) B) winning less matches than me (i.e. NOT EVEN TOP TIER)....

That's back to back weekends where YOUR mess-ups have cost me important, quality players, that in both cases, would have improved my team or it was a position of need. I refuse to spend a single dollar more for any of these "False Advertisment 'Rewards'", in fact, I demand a refund bc the product that I was due has been withheld from me. I was told, if certain requirements were met, certain rewards would be given. I did my half, where's your end of the deal? And believe me, the more you exemplify atrocious customer service by ignoring patrons and trying to rob customers of something worthless to you, as a company, the more vocal I, and MANY others who are fed up with this negligible treatment, will post on social media, will post on forums and in reviews of the game, if not by you, then we will be heard by the people that play and support this game, we will be HONEST OF OUR EXPERIENCE, and it doesnt look good on your end.
When you make a mistake, or do something wrong, you're supposed to be adults, and be responsible. Address the situation, admit your fault, and offer JUST compensation for the victims of the situation. Not just deflect questions and inquiries, and then try to force feed us your $3 apology (Pro Pack [100] + 200 madden cash = 300 madden cash = $3 us) that EVERYBODY, even players who received multiple Cushing cards, received. That is supposed to make me feel compensated??? Thats literally the equivalent of me ordering a $20 steak with garlic mashed potatoes, and receiving a plate with 2 dollar menu McChickens and a small French fries. There's a definite drop-off in value.
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Re: No H2H rewards granted for Madden Mobile 18

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I spoke a support specialist and he told me to post on a thread about me not receiving my 500 madden cash and once I posted the 500 madden cash would be put into my account. I did that as soon as I hung up the phone with him and still haven’t received the cash!
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Re: No H2H rewards granted for Madden Mobile 18

Only replying since this is the only way to find my previous posts thanks you

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