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Re: Toty event tokens

by thegatorfan122

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Toty event tokens

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Is the only way to get tokens to play, after getting them from playing the events for the first time, is to buy them? So we can't use our blitz tokens during this event? Are we going to be compensated for our unused super bowl and super bowl legend items?

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Re: Toty event tokens

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Don’t forget the pro bowl items we were never compensated for.
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Re: Toty event tokens

I heard there were supposed to be some token exchange packs coming out. But I can't confirm that. Apparently heystevedave posted something about it on mutthead
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Re: Toty event tokens

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I must say I do appreciate giving us the option tip trade in training points now also. I still wish we could get more tokens at a time and or a shorter cool down period though, but nonetheless, kudos.
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Re: Toty event tokens

No doubt. Its still gonna be tough to grind out players, but it ain't supposed to be easy... Lol
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Re: Toty event tokens

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Yea because the last thing we need is for everyone with the same ovr to have the exact same team again like last season.
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Re: Toty event tokens

Amen to that brudda
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