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Re: Toby Gerhart MVP error update

by Rhinols

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Toby Gerhart MVP error update

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The Gerhart cards that don't appear in the Beadles MVP set cannot even be resold in the auction house?!?!? What the EFF are we supposed to do?
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Re: Toby Gerhart MVP error update

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Somebody on here mentioned that you have to claim the player from your "in box" vs from the "my bids" area....just tried this after winning an auction snd buying yet another Gerhart card but that doesn't work.

I don't know how other people built up such a ridiculous amount of coins but I played this eff'n game an awfully long time to earn just enough to bid on the Red Bryant card and now I'm out all my money and still can't get the card I was working hard for. EA...please fix this mess.
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Re: Toby Gerhart MVP error update

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You have to keep trying to get the right card.  There are 2 versions.  I had this happen to me on a couple MVP sets.  This one took me 6 Gerharts before I found the right one.  Keep trying

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Re: Toby Gerhart MVP error update

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Andre Ellington is the only card I know of that is like that. It's a pretty common glitch among all RTTP sets. Inbox claims.
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