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The ratings are and have always been suspect.

by Humdinger504

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The ratings are and have always been suspect.

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I've, along with many others, made countless post about the "so called ratings" not being what they claim to be, translating to the field and just flat out being fraud. I've asked someone, anyone, everyone from ea to explain or better yet, prove to us they're not fraud and they do actually mean something. That'll be hard with all of the proof we have that shows they don't live up to anything and mean absolutely nothing though. There's even a video of a guy playing with a punter at quarterback to prove this. No matter what a player's rating/ovr is that WE get (because the cpu is ALWAYS better no matter what) they all play exactly the same, well, to be honest, they play worse because the higher the ovr, the more contradicting the gameplay is to the ratings. No matter how high our player's awareness rating may be, when running for a pass, they ALWAYS get and stay stuck behind which ever defender is covering them instead of living up to their "supposed to be" good awareness ratings and BEING AWARE of what's going on, where they are, what they're doing and at least trying to get from behind them or in a better position to make an effort for the ball. I mean, that is what the awareness rating is for right? Our players never do, but, the defense does and is aware every single time, even the gold, silver and bronze players and they're rated from 58-79. Actually, they're aware of where the ball is and is and who it's going to as soon as you move your finger to the icon you're about to press. They makes great plays on the ball even worth their backs to the play. I have a 90 overall team now, yet, it doesn't make a difference. Same goes for blocking. Smh, especially the horrible, scripted, always sabotaged blocking. It's not sometimes, but, every single time I run a play my blockers ALWAYS and I mean always, sabotage me, us and the play. They always DO NOT finish their block, don't even bother blocking, they'll just, out of nowhere, let the defender that they're blocking go (and don't even attempt to block anyone else) before I even get to them, let alone, past them to help them make the tackle or they'll either run past them or let a defender just run clean past them without chucking, pushing, bumping, looking at them or anything to knock them off course, interrupt their stride, slow them down a little. Nothing. And my blockers, my supposed to be teammates, always find a way to get in the way, run into me and make me fall down as a direct result of that. 

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